Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Departure.

Gibbs returns from deployment.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2007. Word count: 600.



"Hey, Duck," you say, as you sweep my hat from my head and pull me into your arms. The contact is brief, far briefer than either of us would have liked it to be, but for now it will have to suffice.


"Welcome home, my dear," I say, relief flooding through me as I see and feel you again. Once more you have returned safely to me.


"Missed me?" you say, as you drop your arms and let me leave your embrace. Your dark eyes twinkle and shine with love as you look down at me.


"What do you think?" I take my hat from your hand and put it back on my head, smiling up at you as I do so.


"Missed you too. Let's go home and - Hey!" you snap, as your arm goes around me again, this time to steady me as a hurrying Marine knocks against me.


The young man, I would guess that he and you are of age, pauses. "Sorry, Gibbs," he murmurs. "Sorry, Doctor." He nods at me, and pays no attention to the fact that you have not removed your arm from where it settled on my shoulders.


And then before anyone can say anything else, he hurries away, and I watch him sweep a young woman from her feet and swing her around, before pulling her close and kissing her. For a moment I catch a fleeting glimpse of sadness on your face, but then it has gone again, and you're smiling at me once more.


"You were saying, my dear?" I ask, as I move just a little from beneath you arm. "Something about going home."


"Yeah, I was, wasn't I? Come on, Duck." You pull me back against you, and together we find our way through the crowd.


Once we are inside our home your embrace is not one of just a friend, nor is it fleeting. You hold me as if you intend never to let me go. You pull me against you so tightly that I doubt anyone could slip even the thinnest piece of paper between us. As I willingly accept the embrace, indeed as I complete it, I hear you sigh with pleasure and with desire. And I echo the sound.


I want you.


I want your mouth on mine.


I want your hands on my body.


I want to feel your caresses.


I want your lips to soothe me.


I want you to make love to me.


I want to put my lips on yours.


I want to put my hands on your body.


I want you to feel my caresses.


I want my lips to be able to soothe you.


I want to make love to you.


I want you.


This time it is I who takes the initiative.


I who pull back just far enough.


I who reach up and pull your head down.


I who claim your lips with my own.


I who push the kiss up to the level whereby we both know what will happen next.


I who let you break the kiss. I who let you take my hand and lead me from the room.


I who let you lead me from the room to begin the next stage of our reunion, of our reconciliation.


I who give you my love and accept the love you give to me.


There will be other partings, other departures, and they will never be easy. They never could be. But we will survive them because we always have the reunions to which we can look forward.


We are always together.



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