Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Keeping Ducky Happy.

Jethro and Ducky test out the new lighting.

An established relationship story.

Written: November 2009. Word count: 2,117.




As he returned Ducky's kiss, Jethro felt a stirring inside him which he'd never expected to feel again; something that had been dead for the best part of two decades. He's loved Marie, Diane and Stephanie - and Jenny. At least he'd loved them as much as it had been possible for him to love them. But he hadn't loved them in the way he'd loved Shannon. He hadn't loved them with the depth he'd loved Shannon. And he'd never expected to, had never wanted to, feel that level of love again.


But he had. He did. He felt it for the man in his arms. The man he'd loved for more years than he cared to remember as a friend; the man he now loved with the kind of passion and intensity that went beyond friendship. The man he'd do anything for; the man he'd willingly die for; the man he'd be prepared to kill for; the man he'd happily give up NCIS for. He knew he'd never find the words to tell Ducky exactly what he meant to him; he wasn't even sure the words existed. But if they did, he knew couldn't find them, or even say them. Instead, all he could do was to show Ducky.


Fixing the lights had been a small thing, but he knew how much it meant to Ducky. Ducky's lack of a firm, trim body hadn't bothered him in the least; in all honesty he hadn't noticed. He just saw the man he loved; the man who turned him on whether clothed or naked. He saw the body he desired; the body he was already addicted to touching; the body that called to him and joined with his to create perfection; the body he loved to hold and kiss. That's what he'd seen; what he saw. Nothing more; nothing less.


Nonetheless, he'd also realized Ducky was troubled; Ducky was afraid even. Ducky preferred to make love in his own bed, not because it was his bed, but because of the way the room was lit. And if it bothered Ducky, then it bothered Jethro himself; it bothered him because his Ducky was bothered. So he'd fixed it. And that also showed how deeply Ducky touched him, moved him, how important he was to him, because it wasn't the kind of thing he'd have done for anyone else.


As he held and kissed Ducky, he felt his lover move very slightly and so clearly very deliberately. As Ducky's arousal pressed against his, Jethro was reminded forcefully of his 'God, I want you'. And he did; he wanted Ducky very badly, he wanted to strip him to take him into his bed and make love to him long into the night.


Gently breaking the kiss, he pulled back a little and gazed down into Ducky's face. "Seem to remember you mentioned 'or'," he said, his tone teasing.


Ducky smiled. "Yes, I did, did I not?"


"Uh huh." He took Ducky's hand and led him over to the bed. "I," he said, bending his head to kiss Ducky's nose, "am going to make love to you."


"Are you now?"


"Yep. And you are going to let me?"


Ducky's smile increased. "Am I now?" he asked softly.


"Oh, yes," Jethro said, running his hand gently over Ducky's arousal. "Yes, you are."


Ducky shivered and pushed forward slightly into Jethro's hand. But Jethro shook his head. "Not yet," he murmured. "And don't pout."


Ducky's eyes widened. "I was doing no such thing." Jethro just stared at him.


For a moment or two they just stood in silence in the softly lit room gazing at one another; sometimes Jethro thought he could spend his life simply looking at Ducky.


It was Ducky who broke the silence. "In that case, why are we still standing here?" he asked, and his hands moved to the ends of his bow tie.


But Jethro was quicker. He caught Ducky's hands and shook his head. "Oh, no," he said. "Remember I said I was going to make love to you. That means I get to do this." With one hand, he untied Ducky's tie, with the other he undid the top two buttons of Ducky's shirt and slipped his fingers inside to stroke Ducky's throat and neck. Ducky tossed his head back, giving Jethro more access.


Just touching Ducky's throat with his fingers wasn't enough, slipping one hand behind Ducky's neck to steady it, Jethro lowered his head and put his mouth where his fingers had been and began first to kiss, then to flick his tongue over Ducky. As he did, as he moved his lips over Ducky's throat, he tasted the faint scents of pine trees, the sea and jasmine as well as formaldehyde that always seemed to linger around Ducky. The taste and scent increased as he pressed his mouth to Ducky's neck and began to suck.


"Ooh," Ducky gasped, swaying slightly in Jethro's steadying embrace. "Oh, Jethro, oh, yes, please." After that, Ducky became incoherent in his pleasure.


Knowing if he didnít stop now, he'd go on until he'd marked Ducky, Jethro let his tongue flick over the place he'd been sucking, before kissing his way back to Ducky's throat and then lifted his head and looked down at Ducky. "One day," he promised softly. "But for now . . ." He trailed off, lightly kissed Ducky's lips before slipping Ducky's jacket off and tossing it with far more care than he showed his own clothes over a conveniently placed chair.


Ducky's bow tie followed, and then Jethro tugged Ducky's suspenders down and quickly removed his shirt and undershirt. He then took a step back, holding Ducky at arms' length to gaze down at Ducky's pale, hair free and blemish free naked torso. "You're beautiful, Duck," he murmured, truly meaning the words. Then he moved back, bent his head and began to lightly suck, lick and very gently nibble Ducky's nipples.


Ducky murmured something that might or might not have been an objection to Jethro's words, or even a 'thank you', Jethro didn't quite catch the word or words. And he was more than happy not to do so; he was just so pleased that he already had Ducky at the incoherent stage.


As he ministered to Ducky's chest, moving from one side to the other, he kept one arm around Ducky's back, firmly supporting his slightly swaying lover, while the other moved over Ducky's naked back, flirting from time to time inside the waistband of Ducky's trousers. Ducky's skin was warm, smooth, silky even, and Jethro knew he'd never get enough of touching it.


Still supporting Ducky while still lapping at his chest, Jethro carefully moved his free hand to the front of Ducky's waistband and began to try to undo the button of Ducky's trousers and also to unzip him. As he began to slide the zipper down, taking care as Ducky's arousal was clear, Ducky moaned and pushed forward into Jethro's touch.


Jethro lifted his hand from Ducky's chest. "Like that do you, Duck?"


"You know I do. Now please, Jethro, stop teasing me and get me naked and touch me properly."


Jethro raised an eyebrow. "That an order, Dr. Mallard?" he asked.


"Why, yes, Agent Gibbs, I believe it is."


"In that case . . ." Now using both hands, Jethro easily completed his undoing of Ducky's trousers and with one swift, seamless move pushed them and Ducky's shorts down. As the cool air hit Ducky, he gasped aloud.


Jethro slid his hands to Ducky's hips and just held him, as he let his gaze travel down until it came to rest on Ducky's very impressive arousal. Ducky was hard and his erection glistened in the soft lighting. Unable not to and without even consciously thinking, Jethro dropped to his knees in front of his lover and with took Ducky into his mouth.


"Jethro!" Ducky's single word was half swallowed as for a moment he swayed considerably.


His hands still on Ducky's hips, Jethro held his lover firmly as he carefully began to move his mouth over Ducky. Ducky's hands came to rest on his head not, Jethro could tell, holding him in place, or even guiding him, they were just there; just connecting with him. As he sucked Ducky and made love to him, time seemed to lose its meaning for Jethro; in fact time ceased to exist. He'd heard the saying 'time is an illusion', but it had never meant anything to him. Now it did.


Not even consciously aware of just how much his knees were hurting, Jethro went on sucking Ducky, kissing him, lapping at him in the way he knew Ducky liked. He could taste and smell Ducky's scents a lot more keenly now, and the aroma from his arousal mingled with the other scents and aroused him all the more, and his own erection began to become extremely painful.


Suddenly the grip on his head became tighter and he was aware that Ducky was now taking charge. "Please, my dear," he gasped. "Stop."


Pausing, Jethro let Ducky's erection slip from his mouth, risked taking one hand from Ducky's hips to enclose the damp, hardness with that instead and blinked up at Ducky. "Duck?" As so often happened between them, one word was adequate.


Ducky smiled. "Not like that, dearest," he said, answering one of the questions Jethro had asked.


"You sure?"


Ducky nodded. "Very sure. I want to be in your arms. Please get up and let us go to bed."


Jethro gazed up into his lover's virtually ebony eyes and saw that Ducky spoke honestly. In truth, Ducky's words didn't surprise him. So bending his head again to once more kiss Ducky's erection and run the tip of his tongue over it he, with less grace than he would have liked, got to his feet. "Have I told you just how much I love you, Duck," he asked, cupping Ducky's face between his hands and lightly kissing Ducky's cheek, nose and lips, none of the touches were more than a mere brush of his lips over Ducky's skin.


Ducky smiled at him and his eyes seemed to shine. "Oh, many times, beloved," he said. "Many, many times.""


"Good." And taking great care, Jethro guided Ducky to his bed, supported him as he sat down and finished undressing his lover.


Once Ducky was between the cool sheets, Jethro stripped his own clothes off, dropping them onto the floor and turned to face Ducky. "What?" he said, as Ducky gazed up at him.


Ducky shook his head. "Nothing."


"Duck." Quite deliberately Jethro used the tone he used on Ducky when they were at work.


Ducky's eyes widened slightly. "Very well. Since you seem so set on pleasing me, would it be too much to ask for you to touch yourself?"


Jethro blinked. "You want to watch me?" he asked, his hand already moving to his lower body.


"Not to completion, no. I want to be the one to do that. But I'd very much like to watch you touch yourself for a moment or two." Ducky sounded faintly hesitant and his tone had an edge to it that Jethro couldnít instantly identify. He wasn't certain, but he almost thought Ducky might be a little embarrassed at his request.


Well he wasnít. To his mind whatever two people in love did, wasn't wrong, as long as both wanted it. "Would you now?" he asked, his hand already enclosing his erection.


"Oh, yes, dearest, very much indeed." Now Ducky smiled and the hint of embarrassment had gone. Although he added swiftly, "If you don't mind that is."


Jethro laughed softly. "What do you think, Duck?" he asked, his tone sultry as he began to stroke himself. His gaze was locked with Ducky's as his hand moved over his own body, and he saw the ebony increase until there was no hint of blue left. "Like that do you, Duck?" he growled softly.


Ducky bit the bottom of his lip. "Oh, very much, Jethro."


"Sure you don't want me to come?"


Ducky shook his head. "Oh, no. As I said, I want to be the one to give you that pleasure." Ducky smiled and licked his lips.


"In that case, Duck. Hate to disappoint you, but if I don't stop, I'm going to . . . er, disappoint you," he finished.


They both laughed. And that was, to Jethro's mind, how it should be. With two more swift stokes, he took his hand from his erection and joined Ducky in the bed.


Once there time once again became an illusion as they made love to and with one another.

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