Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky wants to have a family Christmas.

Abby/McGee, DiNozzo/Ziva and Palmer/Breena are also mentioned in this story.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.






"Are you quite sure, Duck?"


"Oh, yes, my dear. Quite certain."


Jethro looked at Ducky and shrugged. "Okay then, Duck. If you're really sure. I just don't want you overdoing it."


Ducky took his hand. "I won't, I promise. Well," he said with a smile, "I'll endeavor not to. And if I do, I'll just rest more for the following few days. Jethro, it will be our last guaranteed family Christmas with all the children, their children, Tobias and Emily, you know that."


It was true. It would be the last time they could guarantee getting everyone together (except for a death; Jethro refused to entertain that idea).


Abby, McGee and their three children were moving to Montana in the New Year. The McGees wanted a better quality of life and air for the twins and Evie. McGee's last book had been a best seller and he'd decided it was time to quit trying to do two jobs and just concentrate on his writing.


DiNozzo after a near brush with death had decided to quit being a field agent. He'd spent a few months leading a non-field team, but as Gibbs could have told him, he'd gotten bored. Somewhat surprisingly he was going to go into business with his dad. The business was eight months old and was doing incredibly well; Anthony DiNozzo Snr. had told Gibbs he didn't intend to make the same mistake with his grandchildren has he had with his son and he was proving that. In a week DiNozzo, Ziva and their two children would be leaving DC for New York.


That left Palmer who had taken over as ME of NCIS upon Ducky's retirement, Breena and their little girl. Jethro was sure they'd still see them on a fairly regular basis, especially as Breena had finally managed to conceive for a second time and Palmer was always dropping by to get advice from Ducky. However, Breena's folks were local and in fairness had more call on their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren than Jethro and Ducky did.


Even Fornell was abandoning the city for a home some two hundred miles away where Emily could have more room and her own pony.


So really if they didn't have everyone for Christmas this year, there wasn't likely to be another chance. It was just that Ducky had fallen badly a couple of months before, breaking his hip and while he'd made an excellent recovery, better than the medics could have expected, he did tire easily. The brunt of a Christmas gathering would, no matter how much Jethro did, fall on him.


But it was what Ducky wanted; it would make Ducky happy and what Ducky wanted, what made him happy was what he got, because making Ducky happy made Jethro happy. He just hoped no one really knew quite how sappy he was where Ducky was concerned.


So instead of arguing further he simply kissed Ducky's cheek. "Dinner for sixteen and a bump, it is then."


Ducky beamed.

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