Ashleigh Anpilova


It's Jimmy and Breena's wedding day. But they aren't the only happy couple.

An established relationship story.

Jimmy/Breena, Abby/McGee and DiNozzo/Ziva are also mentioned in this story.

Written: July 2011. Word count: 500.



The lights were dimmed and the music changed from what Gibbs considered to be fast-paced noise to something softer and slower.


He watched as Palmer took Breena's hand and again led her onto the dance-floor; together they began to sway and move around the floor. Palmer hadn't stopped smiling from the moment he'd said 'I do' and Gibbs couldn't remember ever seeing such happiness on anyone's face before.


On the edge of the dance-floor, swaying somewhat awkwardly due to Abby being eight months pregnant, were Abby and McGee. McGee, Gibbs noted, looked almost as sappily happy as Palmer did.


Then his eyes came to rest on another couple and he sighed. Even he could recognize a two-co-workers-dancing-together embrace from two-people-very-much-in-love embrace. Maybe it was the occasion or too much champagne or maybe they thought he wasn't watching or had left, but whatever it was, DiNozzo and Ziva were making no attempt to hide the fact they were breaking Rule #12.


"You can't stop them, my dear," Ducky said softly.


Gibbs turned his head and gazed at Ducky, his world settling on its axis as it always did when he looked at the man he loved. "You reckon I should give 'em my blessing?"


"Well," Ducky's hand came to rest lightly on Gibbs's knee, "I can think of far worse things you could do. After all, you gave your 'permission' to Abigail and Timothy. And Ziva and Anthony are sensible."


Gibbs raised an eyebrow and settled his arm more comfortably around the back of Ducky's chair. "You're calling DiNozzo 'sensible'? You feeling okay, Duck?"


Ducky chuckled. "Well, Ziva is extremely sensible. And it would mean the entire family is settled." Gibbs silently invited Ducky to elaborate. "Abigail and Timothy are happy. We are at Jimmy and Breena's wedding -"


"I have you."


Ducky beamed. "Indeed you do, just as I have you. It seems fitting that the remaining two members of our family are happy, do you not agree?" His fingers flirted slightly with Gibbs's knee.


"Yeah, guess I do."


Ducky's beam increased. "And they do make a very elegant couple, do they not?" He turned his attention to the dancers.


Gibbs looked at Ducky rather than at DiNozzo and Ziva and saw a wistful look pass across his face. He made a decision; no one would mind; they all knew, after all he'd moved into Reston House months ago.


He pushed his chair back and stood up. Ducky looked up at him in surprise. Gibbs held out his hand. "May I have this dance, Dr. Mallard?" he asked, his tone formal.


Ducky blinked; he glanced at the dance-floor, then back at Gibbs. The surprise vanished to be replaced with the look of love Palmer, McGee and DiNozzo all wore as they danced their ladies around the floor. "I would be honored, Agent Gibbs." He took Gibbs's hand and let him help him to his feet, lead him to the floor and gather him into his arms. They began to dance slowly. 

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