Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky knows what makes him happy.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2011. Word count: 500.



Happiness is Jethro.


Oh, dear, that makes me sound rather like a sentimental fool, does it not? However, it is true; happiness is Jethro.


Many things make me happy: a beautiful sunset, fine wine, malt whiskey, good food, rare editions of beloved books, good music, seeing my friends happy and many other things.


However, they merely make me happy; they are not, for me, what happiness is. Happiness for me is Leroy Jethro Gibbs, my dearest, closest, most intimate friend and lover and now life-time partner and husband.


Six weeks ago Jethro arrived at my home. I was cooking dinner so didn't stop to think why he rang the bell rather than let himself in with his key. As I opened the door I was about to gently chastise him about the fact, until I saw he was surrounded by cases and bags - enough to hold his entire wardrobe as well as other personal items.


I simply stood and stared at him until he said, "Hey, Duck. I'm moving in." And that is what he did; it was as simple and uncomplicated as that. I confess I had always hoped the day would come when we would share a home, but we had never really discussed the matter.


I left him to bring his bags and cases inside and went to ensure dinner was not spoiled, which thankfully it wasn't.


Later, as we sat by the fire enjoying a glass of my finest malt whiskey, he turned to me and said, "I've booked the day off tomorrow for both of us."


I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "You have?"


"Yeah. We're getting married." And before I could say anything, he snagged the glass from my hand and kissed me and went on kissing me until all I could think about was his hands on my body, his mouth on mine and whether we would make it to the bedroom or not.


Maybe the fact Jethro didn't actually ask me if he could move in with me or propose to me, but just assumed both would be acceptable, seems somewhat odd to some. Maybe they assume I merely exist to do Jethro's bidding, let him make all the decisions and never consult me. That is simply not true.


It is just that Jethro knows me so very well. He's always known, despite us not talking about it, that I have long wanted us to share a home, and from the moment it became legal for people of the same gender to marry, he would have known how much I would like that. Thus, there was no need for him to ask me.


Although I confess later that night I did, shall we say, 'persuade' him to ask me to marry him. After all, no one has ever proposed to me before and I rather liked the idea of being asked. No, he didn't get down on one knee, but it was for me the perfect proposal.


Happiness is Jethro.



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