Ashleigh Anpilova


Set a few days after Smoked.

Ducky thinks back on his comment about comparing his and Jethro's relationship to a marriage.

A first time story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.



They sat either side of the side of the fireplace, a glass of Ducky's finest scotch in their hands, not talking, not needing to talk, simply enjoying the warmth of the fire, the taste of the whiskey, and one another's company.


As Ducky looked at his oldest friend, he saw the Jethro Gibbs he hadn't seen for several months. He sighed to himself; he'd been wrong to behave as he had done when Jethro had returned from Mexico. Yes, his friend had hurt him, but that didn't excuse his behavior. However, that was behind them now; they'd slipped back into their intimate, close friendship, as easily and naturally as breathing.


As he continued to watch Jethro, Ducky's own words echoed in his mind. Look, I hate to use marriage as an analogy. Yes, Jethro had cut him off, telling him not to, and given Jethro's history of marriages, Ducky couldn't really blame him. Yet at the same time, Ducky knew he'd chosen his words with care; he'd deliberately used the word 'marriage'. He'd done so because with one exception, their relationship had been a marriage; one that had remained firmly intact.


Ducky recalled how he'd held out his hand to Jethro to welcome him back; how Jethro had taken it and how, after a brief, but firm shake, they'd moved into one another's arms, smoothly, seamlessly, as if they did it several times a day. He remembered how Jethro's body had felt against his, and how he'd wanted to -


He stood up. Jethro looked up. "You okay, Duck?"


Ducky nodded. "Stand up, Jethro."




"Stand up, please."


His look saying he was merely humoring Ducky, Jethro put his glass down and did so. Moving swiftly, Ducky crossed the gap that separated them, put his arms around Jethro's neck, pulled his head down and kissed him. As he continued to kiss Jethro, who'd automatically put his arms around Ducky, he wondered at his daring.


Finally, he broke the kiss and dared to look up at Jethro, waiting to see what his old friend's reaction would be.


After a moment or two, Jethro ran his tongue over his lips and said, his voice somewhat husky, "Why now, Duck?"


"Because, my dear," Ducky said, licking his own lips and feeling a sense of happiness as Jethro's eyes darkened, "the time is right. I compared out relationship to a marriage and whether you like it or not, the analogy is a correct one. Well, marriages have some benefits, and I grew tired of waiting for them. And if the fact that you not only didn't reject my kiss, you also kissed me back, is anything to go by, you concur with me. In which case, I suggest we take our 'discussion' to my bedroom."


But before he could move, Jethro tugged him back nearer to him and put his lips to Ducky's ear. "Marriage with benefits, eh, Duck? Reckon I like the sound of that." And this time it was Jethro who kissed Ducky.



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