Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Heart Break.

A comment made by Kate sends Jethro's mind to places that aren't work related.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2006. Word count: 478.



"Ducky's older, Kate, he's not dead." Jethro hid his smile, as Kate blushed slightly and returned to her work.


Oh, yes, he could certain attest to that fact.


For a moment he let his mind retreat some fifteen hours to when Ducky was in his arms, and hands and lips were caressing bodies. No, Ducky wasn't dead. He wasn't dead at all.


As his body began to react to where his mind had gone, Jethro tried to push the memories away. This was neither the time nor the place to be having such musings.


But the report was boring, the team's banter uninspiring, and without conscious thought, Jethro's mind again slipped back in time to what was really only a few hours ago.


Dr. Ducky Mallard was a very passionate lover, and the most loving and affectionate that Jethro had ever known. And while over the years the passion may have waned slightly, the love and affection never had.


Ducky knew exactly how to arouse him. How to touch him beyond the mere flesh. How to bring him more satisfaction than he had ever known, and how to do so without a climax. He was a skilled and careful lover. Gentle, tender, caring, affectionate, loving, and Jethro welcomed it. Knowing about the human body in the way Ducky did, allowed him to teach Jethro things he might never otherwise have known. He . . .


Once more feeling his body react, and more seriously this time, Jethro again wrenched his mind away from the memories of Ducky's hands and mouth on his body, and tried to concentrate on his report.


Instead his gaze moved to where Ducky was gently flirting with the lady doctor. The lady doctor who would be wined and dined by a very attentive Dr. Mallard. The lady doctor who would then be chivalrously escorted to her home, where she would receive a chaste kiss and be left - probably more than a little frustrated.


Then Ducky would return to Jethro's arms and bed, and all would once again be right with Jethro's world. And those hands and lips would touch him, move him, fulfill him, complete him, make him. What did a few more hours missed sleep matter? And he would -


"Boss?" He glanced up. DiNozzo was standing by his desk, looking slightly puzzled.


Immediately returning to the Jethro Gibbs the team knew, he glared. "What, DiNozzo?"


"Er, is anything wrong?"


Jethro stopped himself from laughing. "Oh, no, DiNozzo," he said, as his stare was again drawn to where Ducky stood. Ducky who was now looking straight at Jethro, his loving look clear for all to see. Ducky who had a very faint smile on his lips.


Jethro met the look and held the gentle gaze for a minute, before glancing away. "Everything is quite all right."


And it was.


It always was.



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