Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after False Witness.

Gibbs goes to see Ducky and expresses interest in the emails Ducky received.

A first time story.

Written: December 2010. Word count: 3,330.






The grandfather clock chimed five times and Ducky looked up from his book. It was warm and cozy in his sitting room and he'd been settled in front of the fire with his current book for some time, enjoying an unexpected late afternoon at home. Jethro had declared an end to the working day at noon, given there were no cases and all the paperwork had been done and as Ducky had, of course, done all his Christmas shopping, he had headed straight home.


He looked around his well decorated room and smiled. Even if he said it himself, he thought everything looked lovely; the lights on the tree sparkled through the tinsel, baubles and other decorations - some of which went back not only to his own childhood, but also to his late mother's. Garlands were strung over and between some of the pictures, holly and mistletoe peeped from behind others. Christmas ornaments adorned the bookcases and stop atop of the mantelpiece. And there were other decorations in the dining room, the hall and his study.


Maybe some people might think him foolish to spend so much time, effort and money on decorating his home, given he was a bachelor and lived alone. But he didn't think so. He had always enjoyed Christmas, as had his mother, and loved all aspects of it, so he went to town on the decorations and food and drink. Besides, he wouldn't be alone on Christmas Day; Jethro and the children, apart from Ziva who was going skiing, would be spending the day with him.


The lighting in the room came from the Christmas tree, a couple of wall lights at the far end of the room, the fire and a lamp on the small table next to the chair he sat in. Deciding he'd read enough of his book for now, he turned off the lamp next to him.


For a minute of two he just watched the flames flicker and dance, just enjoying the scents of burning wood and pine the emulated from the Christmas tree. He loved firelight, it was so comforting. After enjoying the flames he decided that as it was the holiday season, he could treat himself to a glass of something even though it was only a few minutes past five. He was just pouring himself a small scotch when the doorbell rang. Wondering if it might be carol singers, he put down his glass, checked he had some money in his pockets and hurried to the front door.


"Jethro!" he exclaimed, opening the door onto a white world. "I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow."


"Didn't want to risk getting snowed in," Jethro said, striding into the house with his overnight bag in one hand and a large box tucked under his other arm. "Thought I'd come and stay the night. If that's okay," he added, putting the bag and box down and tugging off his overcoat, scarf and gloves.


Ducky was a little surprised at Jethro's comment about 'getting snowed in'. The truck Jethro drove in bad weather had never let him down. Nonetheless, he wasn't about to object to having his closest friend all to himself for an evening. "Of course it's all right, Jethro, the spare room is already made up." he said brightly as he beamed up at Jethro. "Why would you think it might not be?"


Jethro shrugged and dumped his coat, scarf and gloves on the garland strung banisters, moving them to the hat-stand when Ducky simply stared at him. "I don't know, Duck. Wondered if you maybe wanted to re-read the provocative emails from your, what was it Palmer called them? Oh, yeah, 'uh, lady friends'. That was it, wasn't it?"


Ducky frowned up at Jethro. "Jethro, really," he said his tone clipped and somewhat harsh.


He hadn't realized quite how harsh it had been until he saw a look of surprise cross Jethro's face. The next moment Jethro squeezed his shoulder. "Sorry, Duck," he murmured. "Just teasing. Didn't mean to upset you. I was just a bit surprised, that's all. You getting provocative emails from women isn't exactly normal."


Ducky sighed and patted Jethro's hand. "Yes, I know you were surprised, my dear. It's a good job Timothy and Jimmy weren't paying that much attention to you. Even though they aren't as proficient at reading your looks as I myself am, I think had they been concentrating on you rather than on me, they would have noticed something."


"Was I that obvious?"


"Just a bit, yes. Oh, do come through to the sitting room and have a drink, unless you want to take your bag upstairs first?"


"Nah. Do it later. Drink sounds good. Thanks."


"Good." And after once again patting the hand that still rested on his shoulder, Ducky turned towards the sitting room.


Jethro followed him over to the drinks cabinet. "You know, Duck," he said, his tone serious, "you don't have to . . ." He trailed off.


"Lie?" Ducky asked his voice level. He handed Jethro a glass of scotch.


Jethro shrugged. "Not the word I'd have used. But yeah. The kids wouldn't care."


"Would they not? Are you quite certain? And even if they wouldn't mind, what about the rest of our colleagues? Besides, it's somewhat late in the day to 'come out', I feel."


"Up to you, Duck. Might stop such emails though."


Ducky chuckled a little. "Well, there is that," he said, sipping his drink.


"Were they really that provocative?"


Ducky frowned. "Why do you ask?"


"Just, never would've thought you'd be so distracted over a few suggestive words, that's all."


Ducky felt his cheeks become warm; he turned away from Jethro and moved back to the fire. "I must apologize again for my behavior. It was quite unacceptable, so very unprofessional. I really don't know what came over me. I . . . Well, it was just that . . . Call me old-fashioned, which I know I am, but I honestly did know that ladies could . . . No doubt dear Abigail and Ziva would laugh at me being so hideously conservative, but it simply never occurred to me that a member of the fairer sex would . . . Well, could, write such things." Ducky felt his cheeks flush even more as he remembered some of the things that had been written to him. And it wasn't just he who had read them, Jimmy had been there too. "What?" he said, realizing Jethro was staring down at him, a half-grin twitching his lips.


"Nothing, Duck. Have you never received suggestive emails, before?"


"Certainly not, Jethro!"


Suddenly Jethro put his glass down and to Ducky's surprise tugged his from his hand and put it down as well. Then he moved nearer to Ducky, closing the gap and intruding into Ducky's personal space even more than he normally did. "What did they want to do with you, Duck?" he murmured, his tone low, sensual even.


"Jethro! I -"


"Did they want to do this, maybe," Jethro murmured in the same tone as he put his arms around Ducky, bent his head and put his mouth on Ducky's.


For a moment Ducky was too stunned to do anything other than stand there, rigid, his mouth tightly closed, his arms pinned to his body. What was Jethro doing? The next second, however, his instincts and mind took over and he tilted his head back a little more, let his body relax and opened his mouth under Jethro's.


As he parted his mouth he felt Jethro's tongue slip inside and he touched Jethro's tongue with his own. He could taste the scotch Jethro had swallowed before putting his drink down and could swear he could taste a hint of coffee, sawdust and Old Spice - scents he'd lived with since he'd first met Jethro. He never thought the day would come when he would taste as well as smell them; they tantalized him and he pressed himself nearer to Jethro deepening the kiss. He'd always known Jethro would be a good kisser, but this surpassed all of his wildest dream, fantasizes and imaginings. His only objection was that his arms were still pinned to his side by Jethro's, he wriggled slightly and fought to get them free; he wanted to embrace Jethro as he was being embraced by Jethro.


Finally, Jethro took his mouth from Ducky's and loosened his embrace enough to allow Ducky to move his arms. Ducky slipped them around Jethro's neck and gazed up at the man he'd always loved. The blue of Jethro's dark eyes was barely perceptible, instead his pupils were engorged; his lips were red and kiss swollen and the look on his face made Ducky swallow hard as he felt himself harden.


Jethro ran his tongue over his lips and Ducky moaned, moving closer again, wanting another kiss. But Jethro held him away and instead smiled. "Or," he said, his tone husky and seductive, "did they suggest doing this?" The next moment Ducky felt Jethro's mouth on his neck.


As lips began to suck and teeth began to nibble Ducky's neck, Ducky put his head back, giving Jethro even more access to his neck. "Jethro," he murmured, feeling himself harden even more. "Oh, Jethro." Part of his brain told him to stop Jethro from marking him; what would his Christmas Day guests think? But he ignored that part of his brain; let them think whatever they wanted to think. He didn't care. So instead he put his head back a little more to give Jethro even more access.


He could feel Jethro's warm, moist mouth as he licked and sucked and nibbles around his neck, and then felt questing fingers move to undo first his bowtie and then the top two buttons of shirt. As he continued to suckle Ducky's neck, Jethro slid his fingers around and began to caress the nape of Ducky's neck. The double attack caused Ducky to jump slightly and he felt his shorts become a little damp. "Jethro," he murmured, not certain how long he could withstand the sensations.


Jethro lifted his head and ran his tongue around his lips. "Much easier to undo," he said, nodding in the direction of Ducky's untied bowtie. "Reckon stores should mention that; more people might wear them."


Ducky didn't have an answer to that; he just stared at Jethro once more held captive by the way Jethro was looking at him. His neck throbbed a little, he was certain Jethro had marked him, but he simply didn't care. He still didn't know why Jethro was kissing him, but he didn't care about that either. He just wanted it to continue. He tilted his head back a little and moved nearer, as he gently pulled Jethro's head down, this time he initiated the kiss. This time it was Jethro who moaned slightly as he met the kiss and returned it. This time it was Ducky whose tongue began to flicker over Jethro's lips and Jethro who parted his mouth and allowed Ducky's tongue to slip inside.


As the kiss intensified, Ducky felt Jethro press his body more firmly against Ducky's own; felt the clear and obvious arousal brush against this thigh, felt Jethro move slightly and press against Ducky's now fierce arousal. Ducky's shorts were now very damp and he wanted more; kissing Jethro, being kissed by him, feeling Jethro's body pressed against his own wasn't enough. He wanted more.


The children apparently believed Jethro and he shared some kind of telepathy and Ducky began to believe in it, because Jethro broke the kiss and studied Ducky silently for a moment, his dark gaze heavy with desire. Then he put his lips to Ducky's ear and whispered, "Or did they suggest doing this?"


The next moment Ducky felt his arousal being cupped by Jethro's hand and felt Jethro begin to stroke him through his trousers and shorts. He gasped again and pushed himself into Jethro's hand, not minding that the strokes weren't regular, not minding that Jethro gripped him more tightly than he liked to be held. But then Jethro looked at him and raised an eyebrow, asking a silent question.


"A little gentler," Ducky murmured. Jethro nodded once and loosened his grip slightly as his strokes became steadier and more even. Ducky closed his eyes and leaned back against Jethro's supporting arm, completely wrapped up in the way Jethro was caressing him. He was so wrapped up, so unaware of anything but the sensations that he cried out as Jethro's fingers touched his naked erection.


He opened his eyes to see that Jethro had managed to undo his trouser button and zip and find his way inside the slit of Ducky's shorts. Jethro held him with a mixture of uncertainty and surety, of confidence and naivety, as he continued to stroke Ducky. And then he bent his head and kissed Ducky again.


Under the double intense stimulation Ducky felt his knees weaken and began to sway; he wasn't sure how much longer he could remain on his feet. He didn't want to spoil the moment by clutching Jethro or pulling him down onto the floor. However, once again telepathy seemed to come into play because Ducky found himself being expertly guided down onto the sofa with Jethro partly on top of him, partly next to him.


Ducky parted his legs as far as his loosened trousers would allow him to do as Jethro returned to stroking him. It wasn't a very elegant position and Ducky would far rather be in bed, but -


"Sit up," Jethro murmured, sliding from the sofa to the floor to kneel in front of Ducky.


"What?" Ducky felt deprived of Jethro's touch.


"Sit up. That's it." Ducky found himself gently manhandled into a sitting position and Jethro pulled off his jacket-style cardigan and tossed it in the direction of an armchair, before turning his attention to undoing the rest of Ducky's shirt buttons. His hands then moved firstly to Ducky's wrists and then to his waist. "Bowties are good, suspenders and cuff-links not so good," Jethro mock growled as he finally managed to remove Ducky's shirt and undershirt and pull his trousers and shorts down to pool around his ankles. He stared at Ducky's chest, letting his gaze travel from Ducky's neck to waist. "Nice," he murmured. "Wonder if they wanted to do this.


And before Ducky could say another word, Jethro leaned nearer and took one of Ducky's nipples into his mouth and began to suck it. "Jethro!" Ducky cried, leaking into Jethro's hand that was once more stroking him. He was close now; he was very close indeed; he could feel the sensations building up in his body. "Kiss me," he ordered. "Now!"


Jethro obeyed, taking his mouth from Ducky's nipple and putting it on Ducky's mouth. Ducky put one hand behind Jethro's head and pulled him even closer. His other hand sought the hand Jethro wasn't stroking him with. He grasped it, linking his fingers with Jethro's as he felt the final build up. "Jethro!" he gasped into Jethro's mouth as his climax shook his entire body. For a second he body became rigid, then it felt weightless as he slumped back into the depths of the sofa, his eyes closed, his breathing ragged, his hearing distant, all he could do was to cling onto Jethro's hand as Jethro just held him.


Ducky didn't know how long it was before he opened his eyes again, it could have been seconds, minutes or even hours. But when he did he looked straight into Jethro's steady, loving gaze. "Love you, Duck," Jethro murmured, lightly kissing Ducky's lips.


Ducky blinked as he just stared into the handsome face. "Jethro," he murmured, raising a slightly shaky hand to cup Jethro's face. "I -" He stopped abruptly. He didn't know what to say. 'I love you too' seemed too trite; too ordinary, but anything else would be too much; too cloying. In the end he just allowed his eyes, which he knew spoke volumes, to tell Jethro of his feelings, of the depth of his love.


To his surprise under his gaze he saw Jethro flush very slightly and momentarily glance away from him. Then he looked back at Ducky and brought their still linked hands to his mouth. He kissed Ducky's hand. "Just hope I can live up to that, Duck," he said solemnly.


Ducky simply smiled. He then shivered a little. The fire was beginning to burn down and the room was now somewhat darker and being naked as he was, he felt slightly chilled. He wanted to touch Jethro, to return the love Jethro had bestowed on him, but he also wanted to get warmer and more comfortable.


He wasn't sure how to vocalize his wants, but once again Jethro seemed to know them. He pulled off his own sweatshirt and handed it to Ducky. "Put it on," he said, helping Ducky to sit up. As Ducky pulled it on over his head, he felt Jethro tug his shorts and trousers up beyond his knees. As Jethro maneuvered Ducky in order to get his clothing rearranged Ducky asked, "But what about you? Don't you want . . ." He trailed off under the look Jethro gave him and just swallowed. He'd been looked at with lust, desire and want more than once in his life, but never had the look been quite like the one on Jethro's face. He felt his cheeks flush again.


After winking at him, Jethro stood up and offered Ducky his hand to help him to his feet. Once Ducky was standing, Jethro put it arms around him and gathered him nearer to him. He put his lips to Ducky's ear and whispered, "Better than the emails?"


Ducky chuckled and turned his head so his lips could meet Jethro's. "Much better," he said after the brief kiss. "Much, much better."


"Good. Well how about we go upstairs and see if we can make it even better? And then tomorrow -"


"You haven't forgotten Jimmy, Timothy, Abigail and Anthony will be arriving for luncheon, had you?" Ducky said quickly.


Jethro shook his head. "No, I hadn't. I was going to say tomorrow I'll help you with lunch." Ducky looked at him and Jethro laughed. "Hey, I can peel brussels and chop potatoes and stir things. Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it."


Suddenly feeling very wicked, Ducky stood up on his toes, put his mouth to Jethro's ear and whispered something, noting the shiver of pleasure that emanated from Jethro as he did so. "Doctor Mallard!" Jethro exclaimed, staring at Ducky, "reckon I'm going to ask Palmer to show me those emails."


Ducky laughed. "Oh, I assure you, my dear, I did not get that idea from any email." And with that he took Jethro's hand and together they went out into the hall. As they passed the grandfather clock, Ducky glanced at it. He was somewhat surprised to see it was five fifty-five; Jethro had been making love to him for more than half an hour. He chuckled silently to himself as he recalled Jethro always saying he never bothered with foreplay.


"Penny for 'em," Jethro said, stopping and pulling Ducky into a loose embrace.


Ducky again felt his cheeks flush slightly, but he saw no reason not to be honest with his old friend and new lover. "I was merely noting the length of time you'd spent making love to me," he said.


Jethro kissed Ducky's nose. "That was nothing, Duck. Just you wait until later and tomorrow and the day after and -" Ducky reached up and silenced Jethro by pulling his head down and kissing him.


The sound of the clock they were standing right next to striking six made them both jump; they laughed and completed their journey upstairs to Ducky's bedroom.



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