Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs and Ducky get caught in the snow.

A first time story.

Written: September 2008. Word count: 500.



"Damn it!" Gibbs cursed as the front wheels of the car went into a skid. Seconds later he corrected it and managed to avoid hitting the bank of snow.


"Jethro, I believe you should stop," Ducky said calmly. "It really is not safe for you to continue; you cannot see where you are going."


Ducky was right. But stopping wasn't something he wanted to do. "If I stop now, Duck, we'll be stuck here. Better we - Fuck!" This time even his driving skills couldn't prevent the car from hitting the bank of snow. The car screeched to a halt; the engine shuddered for a moment and then died. "You okay, Duck?" Gibbs was more concerned for his friend than the car.


"Yes, thank you. A little shaken, but otherwise, I'm fine."


"Guess I should have listened to you."


Ducky turned to face him. "You think," he said, a chuckle in his voice and a twinkle in his eyes.


Gibbs laughed. "Ah, Duck." He brushed Ducky's fringe back a little. "I'll see if I can get help." He pulled out his cell phone.


"Not from the children. One stuck car is quite enough. Although we should let them know what has happened." He pulled out his own phone. "I'll give Abigail a ring."


A few minutes later Gibbs clicked his phone off. "A few hours," he said.


Ducky shrugged. "I imagine this freak snowstorm has caught many people out. The children are all quite well, I am pleased to say."


"That's something. God, it's cold." Gibbs turned the key in the ignition, but although the engine spluttered, nothing happened. "Damn it." He rubbed his hands together, turned up his overcoat's collar and glanced at Ducky. "You okay?"


"A trifle chilly, but I've experienced worse."


Gibbs frowned. That might be true, but it would have been several decades ago. "Come here," he said.




"Come here and we'll share body heat." He slipped his arm around Ducky's shoulders. He was surprised when Ducky didn't instantly move. "Duck? I did have a shower this morning, you know."


Ducky gave him a rather weak smile, and then allowed himself to be tugged into the embrace. After a moment or two he let his head come to rest on Gibbs's shoulder. It seemed quite natural to Gibbs to rest his cheek on Ducky's head as well as move a little nearer to Ducky.


He could smell the fresh scent of Ducky's hair and feel its heavy silkiness under his cheek. It felt so natural; just as the weight of Ducky's head on his shoulder and the warmth of his body against his did. Just as the sudden tingling in his groin did. He wasn't aware of gasping aloud, but he clearly did, as Ducky lifted his head and looked at him.


"My dear?"


It was several minutes later before Ducky said another coherent thing. "Oh, Jethro," he murmured.


And because he could, because he wanted to, because it felt so natural, Gibbs kissed him again. 



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