Ashleigh Anpilova


Summer isn't Ducky's favorite time of year.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.




Ducky sat in the shade; a panama hat on his head, clip-on sunglasses over his spectacles. The top button of his shirt was undone and his sleeves were partly turned up. On the table stood a jug and half-full glass of iced home-made lemonade, along with a book.


However, while he sipped the lemonade from time to time, enjoying the feel of the cool, smooth liquid as it slipped down his throat, he hadn't picked up his book at all. Instead he was watching his lover dressed in nothing but a tee-shirt and baggy shorts mow the lawn.


He could see a hint of sweat on Jethro's forehead, arms and thighs as he pushed the lawn-mower over the grass, pausing every now and again to wipe the back of his hand over his forehead.


Ducky had tried to persuade Jethro that it was far too hot to be involved in outdoor physical exercise in the heat of the afternoon sun. But Jethro had just laughed and told him he didn't feel the heat and the lawn needed mowing.


As Ducky refilled his glass, Jethro paused and called to him. "Why don't you go inside, Duck and keep cool?"


And indeed it would be far more logical for Ducky to do that. He missed many things about his homeland, but the thing he missed most was the relative, when compared to where he now lived, cool summers. Even after all his years traveling around the world and living in America, he still found he wilted slightly in the blistering heat.


However, foolish as it may be, and Ducky was aware it was foolish, he wanted to be with Jethro, even if that meant suffering a little. Their non-platonic relationship was still new enough for Ducky to wish to spend every moment possible with his lover, especially as, due to the demands of NCIS they spent so much time apart as it was.


So with a silent sigh and an internal wry smile he called back, "I am quite content to sit here, Jethro." He smiled.


"Like watching me work do you, Duck?"


Ducky chuckled and then daring called out, "I like watching you do anything, Jethro."


To Ducky surprise, Jethro laid the lawnmower down on the ground and strode across to where Ducky sat. "Just watching, Duck?" he murmured, bending over and kissing Ducky's ear.


Ducky could smell the scent of fresh scent, sawdust, Old Spice, coffee and 'Jethro'. "Well now that you come to mention it, Jethro," he said, lifting the clip-on sunglasses up so he could see Jethro properly.


"Yeah?" Jethro asked, already pulling Ducky to his feet.


"Well there are some things that are -" Jethro's lip-crushing kiss silenced him.



As he stretched out under the sheet, his fingers still lightly entwined with Jethro's, following a protracted session of lovemaking that had begun in the shower, Ducky decided installing air-conditioning in his home had not been a waste of money. Maybe there were upsides to summer after all.




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