Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky is puzzled by Jethro's behavior.

A first time story.

Written: November 2009. Word count: 300.




Ducky closed his bedroom door and began to undress. As he did, his thoughts drifted to the spare room where Jethro would be undressing.


He removed his trousers and shorts; unsurprisingly he found himself slightly hard. Brushing his hand over his arousal he sighed. Having Jethro so close made his desires increase.


He still wasn't certain why Jethro was in his spare room. It was very strange. Jethro had invited himself to supper and then had invited himself to stay the night. But it wasn't just the self-invitations, Jethro had behaved somewhat oddly during the evening. Had it been anyone else, Ducky would have said Jethro had flirted with him.


"That's ridiculous." But was it? Why had Jethro invited himself to supper? Why was he now in Ducky's spare room? And why had be behaved as he had? Could it possibly be that his feelings for Ducky had changed?


Aware he was still stroking himself, Ducky hastily took his hand away. Then in a moment of sheer madness, pulled on his blue robe, left his room, headed for the spare room, tapped on the door and went in.


Jethro was already in bed. "Hey, Duck. Did you want something?"


Wetting his lips, Ducky took a step towards the bed and threw caution to the wind. "Yes," he said, untying the cord of his robe. "Yes," he repeated, pulling the robe off and letting it fall to the ground. "Yes," he said for a third time, lightly brushing his hand over his arousal. "I want you."


Jethro smiled and pushed the bedclothes back, revealing his nakedness and own partial arousal. "You better come here then, hadn't you?"


Ducky didn't need a second invitation. He slid between the covers and sighed with pleasure as their lips met and their naked bodies entwined.



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