Ashleigh Anpilova


A stream of consciousness as Gibbs takes stock of how throughout his life his relationships have been made up.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2006. Word count: 340.





Mom. Jethro. Dad.


Jethro. Mom. 'Uncle' Jack.     


Jethro. Mom. 'Uncle' Paul.


Jethro. Mom. 'Uncle' Grant.    


Jethro. Mom. 'Uncle' Bill.   


Dad. Jethro. Annie.




Shannon. Jethro. Ducky.


Marie. Jethro. Ducky.    


Alice. Jethro. Ducky.


Diane. Jethro. Ducky.    


Jenn. Jethro. Ducky.     


Miscellaneous Redheads. Jethro. Ducky.



Jethro could barely remember a time in his life when the most important relationships weren't triangles. A weird kind of threesome with him in the middle, or as the cause of the triad - or sometimes even both.


It was time he changed things.


Time he had a 'normal' relationship.


Not that, in numbers at least, his childhood relationships weren't 'normal'. Most kids back when he was growing up did have a Mom and Dad, and that was all Jethro had ever really wanted. He'd never wanted a succession of 'Uncles', none of whom had wanted Jethro around.


Besides his childhood was long gone.


Mom and Dad: Both dead.


The 'Uncles': Jethro neither knew nor cared.


Annie: Dead and still missed.


His childhood. He could do nothing about that. It would have to remain as it had been: one triangle after another, and never equal ones.


His past. Again he could do nothing about it. What had been had been. He wasn't particularly proud of his adultery, such a harsh word, but he couldn't unadulterate - even if he was prepared to do so.


His present. That he could alter. And would.


Mrs. Mallard had been dead for six months. He and Ducky had been all but living together since the evening a far-too-calm-for-Jethro's-liking Ducky had called him to say that he'd arrived home to find his mother dead. So why not do away with the 'all but'? Why not make it official?


There hadn't been a redhead for over a year.


There had only been a blond.


There had only been Ducky.


There would now only ever be Ducky. Jethro had known that for months. It was time that Ducky did too.


It was time to pack away the triads.


The future was a dyad.



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