Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Jet Lag.

Gibbs tells Vance something.

A first time story.

Written: February 2010. Word count: 300.




As he waited in Vance's outer office, Gibbs's mind went back to the evening before.


Once McGee had driven him back from the hospital, he'd gone down to Autopsy to see Ducky. As expected, Ducky had begun questioning him, checking him over for potential 'missed' injuries and reiterating what the doctors at the hospital had probably told him. He hadn't bothered to listen to them, because he knew Ducky would tell him.


Finally, when Ducky had ceased talking, he'd asked Ducky a question. For a moment Ducky had prevaricated, but when Gibbs had pushed just a little, Ducky had said 'yes'.


At which point Gibbs had produced two theatre tickets. He had no idea what was on, but Ducky had said he wanted to go to the theatre, so to the theatre they had gone.


Even now he could remember sitting next to Ducky, feeling Ducky's leg and arm pressed against his own, wondering what might happen after the, surprisingly enjoyable, play had finished.


Back at Reston House, Ducky had invited him for a drink which had led to - Gibbs stopped that thought and forced himself to think about cricket.


"Director Vance will see you now, Agent Gibbs," Vance's assistant said.


He nodded and went into Vance's office. "I'm moving." Gibbs pushed the change of details form across the desk. "I know I'm breaking my own Rule #12, but it won't be a problem." And with that, he turned on his heel and left the office.


As the door closed behind Gibbs, Vance prided himself on the fact he hadn't let the surprise he felt show when Gibbs revealed his relationship with Dr. Mallard was brand new. "Who'd have thought it?" he said, signing in acknowledgement of having seen the form. Then he returned to the file he'd been reading.



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