Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs and Ducky have been watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2010. Word count:



"Know I've said it before, Duck, but it's amazing just how much you looked like Illya Kuryakin when you were younger." Jethro stopped the DVD and glanced at Ducky.


"Mmm. It is, rather, is it not?"


"You reckon he'd look like you today?"


"I cannot see why he would not."


"Did a lot of good, didn't they? Him and Solo?" Jethro snagged his glass of whiskey and passed Ducky's his own.


Ducky nodded and sipped his drink. "They did, yes."


Jethro looked at him. "Would you have wanted to have been him?"


He grinned as Ducky's eyes widened. "Goodness me, no. Not at all."


"No need to sound so shocked, Duck. Asked you if you'd have liked to have been a spy, not a mass murderer." Ducky chuckled softly. "So why the shock?"


Ducky shrugged. "Let us say I prefer my life somewhat quieter and safer than that of an U.N.C.L.E. agent, my dear. The idea of doing even a fifth of the things Illya did, of getting tied up, beaten, shot at, drugged, etc. simply does not appeal. No, I am quite happy with the life I have led, more than happy in fact." Ducky took another sip of his drink and looked at Jethro. "Why?" he asked quietly, "would you want me to have been Illya?"


"Hell no!"


"Now who's acting as if I was suggesting he might have wished to be a mass murderer?" Ducky eyes twinkled


Jethro laughed. "Guilty as charged."


"So why are you so shocked?" Jethro shrugged and glanced away. "Jethro?" Ducky touched his arm. "Tell me."


Jethro shrugged again and looked back at Ducky. "It's just he was so . . ." he trailed off. "Well, you know. Come on, Duck, a man like that wanting me. I'm still amazed that you -"


Ducky silenced him with a kiss. "You were saying?" he asked politely, several minutes later.


"I was? Oh, yeah, I was. Well, it's just he saved the world a thousand times."


"I don't think it was quite that many, my dear, and he did have help."


"Yeah, well, exactly! That's another reason."


Ducky frowned a little. "What is?"


Again Jethro glanced away for a moment. Then he looked back at Ducky and said, "He's with Solo."


Ducky's eyes became so wide, Jethro's began to twitch in sympathy. "You think Illya and Napoleon were lovers?"


"Don't you?"


Ducky blinked. "Well, I'd never really thought about it, I have to say." Ducky paused, and put his head on one side. "However, now that you come to mention it, I do not believe it's beyond the realms of possibility. The way they look at one another, in particular the way Illya looks at Napoleon is -"


"The same way you look at me?"


Ducky smiled. "Yes, dearest. I believe that sums it up quite nicely."


Jethro shrugged. "There you go then. The other reason why I wouldn't want you to have been Illya: because you're mine, not his."


Ducky smiled. "Ah, Jethro," he said, and kissed Jethro again.



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