Ashleigh Anpilova


The fourth part of the Accepting Series

Jethro and Ducky take their relationship to the next stage, but all doesn't quite go according to plan.

A first time story.

Written: December 2008. Word count: 300.



Once he had Ducky in his arms, Jethro bent his head and put his mouth on Ducky's.


The contact was electrifying; his entire body became alive as he kissed Ducky. The hint of awkwardness he'd felt at the second his lips made contact with Ducky's fled, and he realised just how right it felt.


It wasn't just right; it was - Well beyond description. And he wanted more, a kiss wasn't enough. He wanted to touch Ducky, he wanted to take him to bed and make love to him. And from the feel of Ducky's body as it pressed against his, Ducky felt the same.


"Bed?" he made it a question.


Ducky nodded before kissing him again.


It took several minutes, but finally they were standing in Ducky's bedroom. Jethro had his hands on the ends of Ducky's bowtie when - the lights went out. They both stood still, holding onto one another and waiting. But the wait was in vain.

"There's a torch on the nightstand."


"I'll get it. You stay here." He wasn't about to risk Ducky tripping over in the dark. Ignoring the logic that said 'it's Ducky's bedroom, you're the one who's likely to trip over', he felt his way to the bed and found it.


He switched it on. "Got another one?"


"Not here. However, I do have a battery operated lamp." Ducky moved to the dresser.






"Because I want to see you."


"But, Jethro, why don't we -"


"I want to be sure this is real, Duck. I want to see you naked under my hands. Now come here." And Jethro caught Ducky's hand and began to undress him.


"You, Dr. Mallard," he said, a few minutes later. "Are beautiful."


"Oh, Jethro, really. I -"

But Jethro was tired of talking, so he kissed Ducky instead.





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