Ashleigh Anpilova


The third story in the Gibbs Betrays series.

Fornell goes to see Ducky.

Gibbs/Fornell are also mentioned in this story.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



Fornell watched Gibbs walk away from him. For a moment he closed his eyes, what the fuck had Gibbs done? And why?


How could he? How could he have cheated on Ducky?


How could he have treated him like he had? Had their friendship meant so little to him? He'd have said not. He'd have said that all the barbs they threw at one another were just to keep their teams on their toes. Now he wasn't sure.


It had been bad enough wanting Gibbs and knowing he could never have him. But having felt Gibbs's mouth on his . . .  As brutal as it had been, as meaningless as it had been, because he wasn't fooling himself, it had been meaningless, he wanted more.


But he didn't matter. He'd lived with his unrequited love for God knows how many years; he could go back to living with it. What mattered was Ducky. He had to see Ducky; had to tell Ducky the truth.


"Ducky." He paused inside the doorway and stared at Ducky's back. It was rigid and offered him no invitation to enter.


He swallowed and moved inside Autopsy anyway, walking quietly across the room to stand a couple of feet behind Ducky. "It's not as it seemed, Ducky," he said. "Gibbs and me, we're not . . . We've never . . . He's never cheated on you with me."


Still Ducky didn't turn around. Instead he spoke, his tone flat. "But you've always wanted him, have you not, Tobias? You've always loved him?"


Fuck. "Was it that obvious?"


Now Ducky did turn around. "Only to me," he said softly. "Why, Tobias? Why did Jethro . . . Why?"


"I don't know, Ducky."


"Did he say anything?"


"Only that it was best thing for you. And that he'd always said he was a bastard. Guess he proved it."





You Bastard

Always Told Them

Not As It Seemed



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