Ashleigh Anpilova


The third part of the Returned Series.

Ducky and Jethro put the last few months behind them.

An established relationship story.

Written: October 2006. Word count: 200.



"Duck?" He said the name tentatively. It sounded strange to his ears.


"Jethro?" The name also sounded strange. It seemed like forever since he'd heard it from those lips. "Is it you?"


For a second Jethro closed his eyes and dug into his memories. "Yeah, Duck. It's me."


And then he asked his own question; asked it because he had to ask. Because the memory of the man he loved, the man without whom his life had no purpose, no meaning, the man who gave him hope, love, sanity, security, the man who made him live, not merely exist, was fading. It'd been driven out by the man Ducky had become; bitter, cruel, cutting, distant.


"Is it you?"


This time it was Ducky who closed his eyes, who seemed to be searching his memories. "Yes, my dearest Jethro. It is I."


Jethro tentatively stretched out a hand and touched Ducky's cheek. "What have we done?" he whispered.


Ducky moved into the embrace. "What we had to do, my dear." He took Jethro's hand and kissed it.


As Jethro tugged Ducky into his arms, he pushed the memories away. They were no longer needed. Now, once again, they had real thing.




Still Waiting

Still Missing

No Longer Needed


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